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M. S. in Aeronautics

California Institute of Tecnology (2022)

Relevant Coursework: Advanced Fluid Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics (Incompressible, Compressible, Porous Media), Linear Systems Theory, Aerospace Control Systems, Network Control Systems, Inverse Problems and Data Assimilation, Earth's Oceans, Atmosphere Dynamics, Ocean Dynamics, Cloud and Boundary Layer Dynamics, Biological Propulsion, Remote Sensing.

B. S. in Mechanical Engineering with an Aerospace Minor

California Institute of Tecnology (2021)

Relevant Coursework: Hydrodynamic Stability, Turbulence, Data-Driven Modeling of Dynamical Systems, Energy Technology and Policy, Heat and Mass Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Experimental Methods, Experiments and Modeling in Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics, Thermal Science, Design and Fabrication, Applied Linear Algebra, Waves/Oscillations, Statistical Physics, Introductory Methods of Applied Mathematics.

Honors and Awards

Charles D. Babcock Award

Spring 2023 

This award recognizes a student whose achievements in teaching (or other ways of assisting students) have made a significant contribution to Aeronautics Department. The award is named in memory of Chuck Babcock, Professor of Aeronautics, who passed away in 1987. Issued by Caltech.

NDSEG Fellow

Spring 2022, Tenure: Fall 2022 - Fall 2025 

Issued by the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program.

NSF GRF Awardee

Spring 2022 

Issued by the National Science Foundation, declined in favor of the NDSEG fellowship.

Mechanical Engineering Award

Spring 2021 

This award recognizes a B.S. candidate in mechanical engineering whose academic performance has demonstrated outstanding original thinking and creativity, as judged by a faculty committee appointed each year by the executive officer for mechanical engineering. Issued by Caltech.

Scholar-Athlete Award

Spring 2021 

Presented to the senior student-athletes in Men's and Women's Athletics who have maintained the highest cumulative GPA and made significant commitments and contributions to their sports over their careers. Issued by Caltech.

Hertz Fellowship Finalist

Winter 2021

Issued by the Hertz Foundation.

Henry Ford II Scholar Award

Spring 2020 

This award is made annually to engineering students with the best academic record at the end of the third year of undergraduate study. It is funded under an endowment provided by the Ford Motor Company Fund. Issued by Caltech.

Research Experience

Ae 100: Research in Aerospace

Spring 2022 

Developed, implemented, and optimized kernel-based techniques for learning and forecasting nonlinear dynamics in vector-valued settings. Mentors: Professors Beverley McKeon and Steve Brunton

ME 90: 2nd Senior Thesis

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

Brenda and Louis J. Alpinieri SURF Fellow

Summer 2020

Designed, conducted, and analyzed simulations of turbulence generated by isolated vortex rings and vortex ring collisions using an adaptive, multi-resolution flow solver. Characterized mechanisms underlying transition and turbulence using the velocity gradient tensor. Mentor: Professor Tim Colonius

Special Graduate Student*

Summer 2021

Ae 100: Research in Aerospace

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 

ME 90: 1st Senior Thesis

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Developed, implemented, and evaluated efficient techniques to reconstruct velocity fluctuations in a turbulent channel flow using sparse measurements. These techniques incorporate statistical approaches and reduced-order models related to the resolvent analysis framework. Mentors: Professors Beverley McKeon and Jane Bae

*This work was originally supported by an award through the Housner Student Discovery Fund at Caltech.

Brenda and Louis J. Alpinieri SURF Fellow

Summer 2019

ME 100: Independent Studies

Spring 2018 - Spring 2019

Designed, conducted, and analyzed experiments to control the Saffman-Taylor instability in a radial Hele-Shaw cell using an oscillatory injection rate. Developed theoretical and numerical predictions of linear instability growth in this setting for comparison with experiments. Mentors: Professors Scott Dawson, Peter Schmid, Angeliki Laskari, and Beverley McKeon

Soli Deo Gloria SURF Fellow

Summer 2018

Designed, conducted, and analyzed rheometer-based experiments for shear strength and wall friction measurements of granular materials, including glass beads and sand samples from the booming Kelso Dunes. Mentor: Professor Melany Hunt

Teaching Experience

Ae 201a: Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Spring 2023 

Held weekly office hours to review lecture material and answer questions, graded assignments, and formulated solution summaries for each problem. Instructor: Professor Dale Pullin

Ae 239a: Turbulence

Winter 2023

Held twice-weekly office hours to review lecture material and answer questions, formulated assignments and solutions, graded assignments, and created and presented a tutorial for accessing and analyzing data from the Johns Hopkins Turbulence Databases (JHTDB). Instructor: Professor Jane Bae

ME 11c: Thermal Science (Fluid Mechanics)

Spring 2020

ME 11b: Thermal Science (Applied)

Winter 2020

ME 11a: Thermal Science (Theoretical)

Fall 2019

ME 12a: Mechanics

Fall 2019 

Held weekly office hours to review lecture material and answer questions, and graded problem sets and exams. Instructors: Professors Guillaume Blanquart (ME 11c), Melany Hunt (ME 11b, ME 11a), and Michael Mello (ME 12a)

Volunteer Experience

Volunteer Assistant Coach

Fall 2023 

 Helped organize and run practices for the Caltech water polo team (NCAA Division 3). Head Coach: Jon Bonafede

Animal Shelter Volunteer

Before 2018

Helped organize and run adoption and fundraising events for dogs and cats at animal shelters and rescues in Northern Illinois, including Orphans of the Storm and Reach Rescue.